Surfpoint info- ja webterminals

Surfpoint is the first computer in family of terminal devices, that coxion will be developing for internet and information computer segment. Later we will expand this range with few other model with different hardware design.

Surfpoint™ brings simple solution to increase revenue by adding internet access computers to Hotspot areas.

Surfpoint™ is developed for Hotspot locations, with special structure and software. It’s got small foot print, beautiful design, yet durable structure, including stainless steel body with armored class display. It comes with build-in WLAN (and/or fixed Ethernet connection) and is pre configured for current Hotspot access and payment structure.

Surfpoint™ is “crash proof”, based on industrial hardware and windows embedded OS, with write protection. No virus problems, no system crashes, no user related failures. - It just works! Key elements are ZERO maintenance and easy setup. Just plug in the power!

Surfpoint™ can also be customized for access provider needs, including hardware and software. Groups of Surfpoint™’s can also be updated regularly and remotely. Updates like, desktop images, screen savers, links, start pages etc.

For ages restaurants and coffee shops have offered free magazines, newspapers etc. for their customers. In many location there are also game machines available.

Now when Hotspots are available for those who have their own computer with suitable hardware, why not offer that capacity for rest of the customers as well. For those that don’t have laptop or don’t carry those with them.

You can choose to offer “computer online time” for free with your own cost as part of your service, or you can charge for it, depending how you want to run your business. You may also have advertising partners to cover part of your cost of service.

However you look at it - I brings value to your customers.

Surfpoint™ is also a great solution for companies that have moved their customer service to online, yet still have physical locations for customer service. In these locations your customers can learn to use these self service solutions, that your company offers online.

It may be available only to your site or public internet as well. Surfpoint™ can also be setup to be just info terminal without connection, using local files and offline access.


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